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Terms & Conditions

Updated On : 22 Jan 2019

1. General

  • Every User registering at Parea network i.e. (the "User") agrees to all the Terms of Use.
  • In event of Breach, the User agrees that the Operator of the Parea network (Pixel Softwares) located at SCO. 137, Level Second, Sector 14, Panchkula (Haryana), India 134113. may temporarily or permanently make the User's account inactive.
  • This term of use shall be governed and constirued in accordance with the law in India, any dispute rising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court in Panchkula, India.
  • The User, while registering agrees to provide true and real personal data with an existing and working e-mail address.
  • A User is allowed to create only one account on the Parea Network. Multiple accounts would mean inactivation of all the accounts.
  • It is strictly disallowed to promote any kind or form of illegal activity through the Parea network. Such activities include, but are not limited to, offering participation, cooperation, or investment in any enterprise, program, game, or scheme whose functioning is based solely on recruiting new members.
  • The User undertakes not to harm the goodwill or reputation of any Operator, Parea Network, Member by means of sending partnership requests or through its profile on the website.
  • The User agrees that the Parea Network in no way responsible for any damage or loss to property, health, or reputation caused by business activities or investing of the Users.Parea Network in no way is involved or associated with any of the Users or their activities. It is the responsibility of each User to consider every business offer they receive through Parea network.
  • On Parea network or through any partnership requests received via an e-mail message, the User may be exposed to user content that may be inaccurate, false, controversial, or otherwise unsuitable for the Users. The network is not responsible for such kind of user content. Such user content may include links to websites, services, or offers from third parties that are not connected with the Parea network, and hence, Parea is not responsible for them in any manner.
  • The Parea network allows each User to send partnership requests to another User. The User agrees that by sending partnership requests to other Users and by accepting connection invitations from other Users, it agrees with sharing its contact details with that User (including e-mail address). All subsequent communication between the Users can take place outside the Parea network. Parea network does not guarantee that any request sent via e-mail will be actually delivered to the mailbox of the receiving User. Each User has the right not to respond to requests received, and Parea does not guarantee that other Users will reply to incoming requests.
  • Contact information, including e-mail addresses, that the User receives through incoming and outgoing partnership requests on the Parea network may not be sold or provided to any third party. Any such leakage would mean deactivation of account.
  • The user is allowed to purchase additional points for sending more partnership requests, for banner and text link advertising and other features. The User agrees that each order of points is final and that no refund will be possible.
  • All purchased points expires after 365 days, in case they are unused. Each point can be used for sending a partnership request to other User. Through Parea, one can easily send requests through e-mail messages to e-mail addresses of receiving Users. The User is not entitled to a refund for purchased points, inter alia, in any of the following cases:
    • The User has not used points which remained unused on its account.
    • Requests sent using purchased points were not delivered to the mailbox of the receiving User due to rejection by the recipient's mail server, transfer to a spam folder, or any other reason enabling delivery failure to the recipient's mailbox.
    • The recipient failed to respond to an incoming request.
    • The recipient of a request refused to establish business cooperation and develop communication with the User.
    • The User allowed access to its secured account to another person.
    • The User was not satisfied with the services of the Parea network or with the result of sending a partnership request.
    • The User was temporarily or permanently closed its account on Parea network due to gross or repeated violations of the Terms of Use of Parea.
  • Users can purchase a Premium Membership, whose benefits and features are listed on the Premium Membership page. In order to get the FeaturedMembership, the User is obliged to pay a monthly fee using his/her credit card. The User can cancel the automatic subscription payments at any time. Credit card payment subscription can be cancelled by visiting Parea network on the Settings -> Billing page. When the subscription is cancelled the Featured Membership lasts until the last day of the monthly/quarterly billing cycle. The User agrees that each order of Featured Membership is final and that no refund will be possible.
  • The User can add his own business opportunity to his profile. Other users may express an interest in this business opportunity by clicking the Join button on the profile. If the User wants to get in touch with the user interested in his business, he must unlock the lead in the Leads section first. If the User does not have a Featured Membership, points will be deducted from his account every time he unlocks a lead. The User agrees that the Operator does not guarantee that the other user will actually join the User's business opportunity. The User is not entitled to a refund for spent points in the case the other user will not join the User's business opportunity.
  • The User agrees that the Operator is in no way responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from joining other users business opportunities, companies or investing programs.
  • If the User's account on Parea network is closed either by the Parea's operator or at the request of the User, the personal and contact information, including e-mail address, of the User will remain stored in the database for as long as it is necessary for the purposes of statistical analysis or auditing. This information is, however, not accessible to other Users.
  • Parea undertakes to strive for maximum security of the personal data and accounts of its Users. However, Parea, cannot guarantee that this data is not accessed by any third party. The User must notify the Operator via the contact form of any suspected breach of security measures, leakage of personal data, logins, or e-mail addresses.
  • Parea reserves the right to change these Terms of Use. The Users will be informed of any significant change to these Terms of Use on their registered e-mail address. By continuing the use of the Parea network, the User expresses its agreement with the revised Terms of Use. If the User does not agree with current Terms of Use, it undertakes to close its account and stop using the services of the Parea network.

2. Business Listing

  • Business listing on Parea is for the promotion/advertisement of the products and services of Businesses.
  • Any Business/Customer/Advertiser registering here to get in the search when any user searches about the business category, depend on the keywords and search tags. We use all information taking at the time of registration to make the search beneficial for our client.

3. SMS and Notifications

  • We will send the Notification/SMS to any of registered member to verify their account and to inform about the searches of their businesses.

4. Limitations of Liability

  • In no event shall Parea be liable to any user on account of such user's use, misuse or reliance on the platforms for any damages whatsoever, including direct, special, punitive, indirect, consequential or incidental damages or damages for loss of profits, revenue, use, or data whether brought in warranty, contract, intellectual property infringement, tort (including negligence) or other theory, even if Parea are aware of or have been advised of the possibility of such damage, arising out of or connected with the use (or inability to use) or performance of the platforms, the materials or the internet generally, or the use (or inability to use), reliance upon or performance of any material contained in or accessed from any platforms. Parea does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product or process disclosed on the platforms or other material accessible from the platforms.
  • The user of the platforms assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of this platforms and the internet generally. The foregoing limitations shall apply notwithstanding any failure of the essential purpose of any limited remedy and to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law. Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability of consequential or incidental damages, so the above exclusions may not apply to all users; in such countries liability is limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.

5. Listing Packages

  • There are two types of packages, under user can list their business on Parea
    • Free Listing
    • Standard Listing

  • Any user registering their business on Parea by paying Rs. 1000.00 including GST and service fee. This amount is non-refundable and the account will fall under Standard Business Listing,
  • Standard account is valid for one year from the date of Registration. After one year the user have to renew this account by paying renewal amount otherwise the listing will fall under the free listing after one year.

6. Refund Policy

  • There is no refund policy for any services purchased by the user on Parea.